At Prism we recognize that the key to our success is our people. This fall, we are fortunate to have another passionate, experienced sustainability professional join our team.

Julianne Pickrell – Barr joins the Sustainability Team as our Climate Action Specialist.

Julianne will be helping our clients tackle the complexities of both climate change mitigation and adaptation. Julianne will be helping organizations assess their GHG emissions footprint, identify reduction opportunities, and develop practical, action-based sustainability and climate action plans. At the same time, she will be helping organizations conduct climate hazard assessments, identify low carbon resilience strategies and develop adaptation plans for future climatic conditions.

“Julianne brings a unique combination of knowledge and skills to our team. With a background in marketing and extensive experience in energy management, zero-emission vehicle adoption, GHG tracking and reporting, policy evaluation and climate action planning, our clients will truly appreciate her ability to engage and educate as a subject matter expert,” shares Sarah Smith, our Sustainability Team Lead.

When asked about joining Prism, Julianne reflects that “I was drawn to Prism because it has an excellent reputation in the industry and is known for doing interesting and impactful work. I look forward to working with diverse organizations to meet their climate action goals. During my time as the Manager of Energy and Environmental Sustainability for the Abbotsford School District, I had the opportunity to establish and work on a variety of collaborative, cross-departmental teams which helped to guide the district’s overall environmental sustainability goals and increase participation in environmental sustainability initiatives. I found the process of strategic planning, implementation and coaching very rewarding and look forward to applying my skills at Prism.

Julianne is currently completing her master’s degree in Resource Management (Planning) and is also a member of the Sustainable Transportation Action Research Team (START) at Simon Fraser University. Her research project is focused on zero-emission vehicle and alternative fuel vehicle adoption in organizations.

Outside of the home office these days, Julianne enjoys biking, cooking, gardening, and back woods camping – “the kind where nature is all around us and the silence is deafening” she adds.

In particular, she enjoys being able to grow her own food. Most recently, her garden has yielded over 30 lbs of potatoes and a variety of apples and berries.

Julianne grew up in British Columbia and spent a lot of her time in the great outdoors. This has instilled in her a lifelong desire to find ways for humanity to better coexist in balance with nature.

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