*Photo credit: Dylan Passmore/Flickr – Stanley Park, Vancouver, April 12, 2020

Living through an unprecedented pandemic means rising to the challenge, adapting to the unexpected, and hoping for the best for many of our team members. We asked a few Prism colleagues to share their thoughts on what they think will be different going forward.

“”I think everyone’s communication game will step up! In order to work effectively, we need to be clearer and more concise. I find myself being more intentional with my interactions these days. The implications of better communication and proven effectiveness while working remotely will hopefully lead to more flexible work options in the long-term. The flexibility can greatly reduce stress and improve productivity.””
Lizz Hodgson, Energy Management Engineer (EIT)



“Organizations might be more likely to encourage working remotely as we all adapt and grow accustomed to meetings that can be held virtually. I am really hoping this doesn’t affect the personal relationships we cherish with our friends, families and colleagues.  I look forward to enjoying gatherings and celebrations once again after the worst is behind us.”
Hamid Samani, Senior Mechanical Engineer 



 “There has been many challenges and much uncertainty over the last month for us, but it’s also been an opportunity for us to explore new, and hopefully, better ways of doing things. We’ve been streamlining internal office processes, experimenting with new ways of delivering services and thinking creatively about how we can help our clients navigate the current situation.

Thinking more broadly, I’m hoping that as a society we can use some of the lessons we are learning from this current global emergency and apply them to the next global challenge we need to face together: climate change. This could be a critical turning point for us to make the sometimes-uncomfortable-changes that are needed.”
Sarah Smith, Sustainability Team Leader