A solar photovoltaic (PV) system is a renewable energy solution that is increasingly being used across western Canada. It converts sunlight into electrical energy that can be utilized and fed into the electrical distribution of the building.

Commercial and institutional buildings find PV systems to be an attractive energy solution due to several advantages:

  1. Green energy – clean and silent energy production that does not create more air or water pollution beyond the manufacturing process.
  2. Flexibility – sized to fit your energy requirement and easily expanded to adapt to your needs.
  3. Affordability – growing industry means lower prices for products, installation, and maintenance. Incentive funding may also be available from utilities or municipalities as well as private financing solutions from other various institutions.

Our solar PV system services include:

Preliminary Design

  • Site visit to determine the existing electrical distribution within the building and to determine the available spaces and constraints for the solar PV system.
  • PV system layouts and simulation based on location and weather data to compare different possible layout options and to estimate their energy productions on a monthly and annual basis.
  • Financial analysis to determine the feasibility and the financial performance of the layout options.
  • Preliminary design and feasibility analysis report to summarize our observations and calculations as well as to compare different layouts and provide recommendations.
  • Comprehensive electrical design, including building mounted systems, off-grid systems, grid-tied systems and hybrid systems that blend the best of both.

Detailed Design

  • Prepare documentation and support services required for applications to suitable incentive programs as well as to obtain competitive tender pricing for purchase and installation.

Implementation support

  • Provide project management services by working with contractors and suppliers as well as preparing any additional documents required to ensure that quality products and workmanship are delivered.
  • Monitoring and verification of the PV system’s energy production to track results, communicate success to stakeholders, and catch potential problems.

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