With over 30 years of expertise in existing buildings, Prism’s climate adaptation team includes mechanical and electrical engineers, climate adaptation and mitigation specialists, sustainability specialists, and stakeholder engagement experts.

Benefits of climate adaptation:

  • Evaluate buildings for the known and anticipated impacts of climate change
  • Identify vulnerable building systems and recommended measures to increase resilience
  • Enhance reliability of building operations and systems to respond to climate change impacts
  • Support service continuity, as well as enhance occupant safety and comfort
  • Reduce financial and infrastructure loss in the near and long-term

We can help you take action and increase your climate resiliency by:

  • Engaging with stakeholders to develop climate adaptation policies and plans
  • Educating staff on the potential impacts of a changing climate
  • Conducting climate change vulnerability risk assessments
  • Pinpointing critical facilities and systems
  • Identifying low carbon resilience opportunities
  • Preparing detailed engineering analysis and designs to reduce vulnerability
  • Implementing system upgrades to improve infrastructure resiliency

Our interdisciplinary team will develop a process tailored to your needs, drawing on frameworks such as ISO 51000, Climate Lens, and the Public Infrastructure Engineering Vulnerability Committee (PIEVC) Protocol.

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