Optimizing the existing heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems was no small undertaking given the variety of equipment and controls at Langara. To tackle the challenge, Langara joined BC Hydro’s Continuous Optimization program (COp) in 2009, which has helped to identify issues and implement projects that improve building energy efficiency. The program consists of two integrated components: building re-commissioning and the development of an Energy Management Information System (EMIS). Now almost five years into this multi-year program, COp has been implemented in 86% of building area at Langara.

Together with BC Hydro’s support, Enersolv Consulting’s initial review, and Prism Engineering’s implementation, COp has proven to be an energy-saving success story – and it is not over yet. Always looking forward, COp is now being implemented in the Student Union Building and Building C for Fiscal 2013/2014. Langara has also taken energy savings measures beyond COp to realizing capital improvement projects for further savings.