For several years, the BC Electrical Association has been offering a Basic Electricity course, led by industry professionals, to give entry level electrical knowledge and a broad overview of electricity and systems to new and junior employees working within the electrical industry.

Course participants started asking for more in-depth information and training in electrical equipment, systems and operations. The BCEA Education Committee took these requests to heart and brought Prism on board to help develop a new module on Electrical Distribution.

The new module took six months to produce and was delivered over three 3-hour evening sessions earlier this month, led by our Senior Electrical Designer Andrew Munro. Stay tuned for a Fall session!

Course Overview: Understanding equipment, distribution systems, power quality and code

The course expands on electrical equipment components, construction of these components and issues of electricity ‘delivery’ to include electricity generation, transformers, panel boards, overcurrent devices, safety switches and other load break equipment, power quality and power factor, wiring, reading engineering drawings and electrical safety. Code related topics are referenced in the course to give participants exposure to critical issues related to selection and use of electrical equipment.

Participants will develop robust knowledge in equipment of electrical distribution, how the equipment ‘relates’ to other components in an electrical distribution system, power quality issues and causes, with some general knowledge of code related issues.