Mining operations are big energy users and mine operators can have significant impacts on how energy efficiently materials are processed. That’s why Prism Engineering has been working with Andrew Cooper, Energy Specialist at New Gold’s New Afton Mine to develop a comprehensive Energy + Engagement Action Plan for the Kamloops mine. Supported by BC Hydro’s Industrial Energy Management coaching program, the goal of the Action Plan is to create a culture of energy conservation at the mine and to have New Gold employees become actively involved in energy management in their work.

The plan is modeled on a four pillar engagement strategy, including communication activities, competency training, engagement initiatives and formalized reporting. These strategies were also established to support New Afton’s work to become the first Canadian mine with ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems certification.

Read the full Global Energy Management System Implementation Case Study (PDF) for more information about the ISO 50001 certification.

Update – read a recent news article by BC Hydro, March 20, 2015: New Afton mine goes for gold with ISO 50001

ISO 50001 and your organization:

At Prism Engineering we have a dedicated team of Energy Planners and Engineers that can guide your organization through the steps required for ISO 50001 certification. We also have a Certified Professional in Energy Management Systems (CPEnMS – Industrial) on board our team who carries the specific knowledge and accredited training to implement the ISO 50001 Energy Management System.