We are pleased to welcome Pani Pasbanpoo as a new member of our Mechanical Team. Pani lived and worked in Tehran before moving to Vancouver. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Guilan and a Master’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Science and Technology of Iran. Pani brings significant experience in plumbing and HVAC systems design to Prism.

During her first month in Vancouver, at an industry conference, Pani met members of the Prism team and became familiar with the company. She was drawn to Prism’s client service values and the diversity of work that Prism does. Shortly after the conference, she applied to join our Mechanical Team. She now calls Vancouver home.

1. What are you aiming to achieve through your work with Prism?

I would like to contribute to my new community in Canada by using my skillset to make a positive impact and help our clients save energy. I’d also like to continue learning and expanding the knowledge and skills that I have.

2. What part of your work experience so far has been the most fun?

Working with my new colleagues has been lots of fun. I like coming to work in a friendly atmosphere where staff work together to achieve a common goal.

3. If you could have any job in the world (besides the one you have now), what would it be?

As a lover of animals and nature, I would probably pick something where I could be outside with animals. Maybe I would choose to be a shepherd!