It felt out-of-place to celebrate Prism’s 30th birthday this past May amidst a global pandemic. While COVID-19 continues to impact how we live, we are grateful to be in a position where we can continue to do our work. We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone that we work and collaborate with for your incredible support and contributions over the past thirty years.

In the words of our President, Robert Greenwald, “Prism has grown because our clients feel we can add value and make a difference. The collective impact on climate change is a key goal and a definition of success for us.”

“I really wanted Prism to be a player in helping the industry move forward,” shares Brian O’Donnell, our Founder.  What started as a small business venture in 1990 has now grown to be a team of over 45 talented and passionate professionals working for the cause of sustainability and energy management.

We would not be where we are today without you. Thank you for being part of our journey.

Reminisce with us

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Prism 30th Anniversary

Reflections and thoughts from the Prism and PUMA teams

We surveyed team members and asked them to share their thoughts.

Looking back over Prism’s 30-year history, what are you most proud of?

“I am proud of the respect that Prism employees have built over the years. Whether meeting past or current clients, attending industry events, or working with suppliers and agents, there is hardly ever a time that someone doesn’t have something good to say about their experience with Prism’s staff and Prism’s contributions to the development of forward-thinking, energy savings focused consulting engineering in Vancouver and BC.”
-Alison Bodine, Electrical Designer

“The strong bond with clients and our designers is something I have always loved. The friendships that have been built over the past 30 years are strong, honest and unconditional.”
-Maia Lutze-Penco, Mechanical Designer

“I am most proud of how Prism has, over the years, cultivated its culture of care- for its employees, for its clients, and for the environment. 2020 has been a challenging year so far, especially with the global pandemic, and the way the company and its leadership has responded speaks a lot about how this culture is lived and how it serves as a compass that guides its decisions and actions.”
-Lyn Papio, Employee Experience Specialist

“We have been listening to our clients’ needs and responding to the industry as it shifts. It has been about thinking forward in terms of what we need to do to serve our purpose.”
-Sarah Smith, Principal and Sustainability Team Leader

“I am proud of the way our work at Prism has become increasing valuable to our clients. In my 31 years on earth, I have seen the increasing recognition of the importance of climate change and energy conservation. Prism saw the value early on and played a major role in developing and shaping the industry in BC.”
-Ari Spiegel, Energy Engineer

“Focus on reducing GHGs. What we have achieved in terms of GHG reductions directly, and by increasing awareness through our day-to-day work, as well as training.”
-Duncan Wilcock, Client Services Lead for PUMA Utility Monitoring

What do you hope Prism will accomplish in the next 30 years?

“”(Prism) will continue to be thought of as leaders and experts in improving and modernizing existing buildings throughout Western Canada who can be relied upon for innovative, practical, and sustainable engineering solutions.””
-Adam Franklin, Electrical Engineer

“Maintain our focus on continuous improvement both on a personal level as well as work efficiency. I hope we will continue to grow and possibly expand across BC and potentially across Canada to save more energy and contribute to our environment, which is our legacy for our future generations.”
-Bartjan Kiers, Senior Mechanical Designer

“I hope that the spirit of Prism stays with anyone who has the opportunity to be part of the team, whether it be as a client or employee. I want to say in 30 years that I was part of the Prism legacy.”
-Maia Lutze-Penco, Mechanical Designer

“To be able to continue to diversify and grow but still maintain the same close office community.”
-Dave Roberts, Mechanical Engineer

“To continue the same work and reach many more organizations and turn these great ideas into more construction projects.”
-Hamid Samani, Senior Mechanical Engineer

“Continue to be seen as partners and collaborators, working with our clients to face the big challenges ahead.”
-Sarah Smith, Principal and Sustainability Team Leader

Paying it forward

It is clearer today than ever before that we each play a key role building a greener, more sustainable future. In honour of our 30th anniversary, we wanted to make an impact by investing in our communities and contributing to a green recovery in whatever way we can. Therefore, Prism staff have collectively selected the following programs to support and provide funding for:

  1. The Clean Energy program at Ecotrust Canada advocates for ending energy poverty in rural, remote and indigenous communities and helping them build an economy that provides for a healthy and resilient natural environment. Specifically, within BC, the funds will go to replacing diesel furnaces in on-reserve homes with air-source heat pumps powered by clean energy. Their vision and approach align with Prism’s core value of creating a greener, more efficient world.
  2. The Union Gospel Mission’s Meal Program serves approximately 800 meals a day, 364 days a year to men, women and children. Meals are available to anyone who needs one and no one is turned away. UGM’s Red Seal certified chefs ensures guests receive highly nutritious and delicious meals that are balanced and always served hot. The Prism family recognizes and values how connected we all are. Providing meals to one of the most vulnerable segments of our population is one way we’d like to give back to our community.
  3. The Langara 49 Women in Science program provides philanthropic support, resources, and mentorship to prepare female students for a successful STEM career. As a cause close to our hearts, Prism will fund a scholarship to help women in engineering access this program.

These programs were chosen based on how well they align with Prism’s core values and resonate with the Prism family. We hope our contributions will support local BC communities and contribute to sustainable and positive change.

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