Prism and the PUMA team are excited to announce a new partnership with ENERGY STAR, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program that helps businesses and individuals across North America to leverage energy efficiency. The ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is the benchmarking tool backed by NRCan (Natural Resources Canada) created to help organizations evaluate the energy and water consumption of their buildings. Our PUMA (Prism Utility Monitoring and Analysis) software allows our clients to leverage their data by producing flexible, customizable reports, including reports based on total energy use and cost, use per unit area, cost comparisons and environmental impact.

As an ENERGY STAR Partner, we have integrated the two tools, so that building utility data in PUMA can be automatically uploaded to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Once in Portfolio Manager, your buildings can be shared with you within Portfolio Manager for refinement of building use details and improvement of your energy star score. With the link established, as your PUMA data is updated, your Energy Star score is regularly updated. PUMA will retrieve and track your Energy Star score as it changes over time and enable reporting on those changes, and comparison with other metrics.

Keeping your Energy Star score up to date is important for LEED-EBOM certification, and continued leadership in energy efficient buildings.

Contact us for more information and a proposal to have us setup your buildings in Portfolio Manager. ( or phone: 604.205.5516)