The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC (FFSBC) was established over a decade ago as an independent non-profit organization with a mandate to conserve and enhance the freshwater fish resources of B.C. for the benefit of the public.

Prism has supported FFSBC through BC Hydro’s Industrial Energy Manager Initiative since 2014 in engaging their staff across the province in energy conservation actions. Ray Billings, the organization’s long-time Energy Manager, retired over the summer and is leaving a legacy of savings that we helped document in a recent case study about FFSBC found here. Ray was appointed as the Energy Manager for FFSBC in 2009 and one of his first tasks was to establish the eFishent Energy Team to help guide energy management initiatives. Over the next five years Ray worked towards engaging staff throughout the organization to identify and implement opportunities for energy conservation.

Saving Water, Saving Energy

“Combining energy conservation projects with employee suggestions has helped save tremendously,” says Energy Manager Ray Billings. FFSBC has saved over 6,100,000 kWh of electricity since December 2014 and the cumulative savings are projected to add up to be over 20 million kWh or about $1,300,000 by 2020.

FFSBC hatcheries are now saving 9 billion litres of water each year compared to 2011 thanks to in-depth reviews of practices at each stage of fish culture. “These combined savings provide increased opportunities for FFSBC, benefits for staff, for fish and for the environment,” Ray emphasizes.

Our sincere congratulations to Ray Billings on his recent retirement and we look forward to continuing to support FFSBC realize these savings into the future!