On post-secondary campuses, computers can be a big contributor to energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. By adjusting power settings on computers and monitors to be as close to actual usage as possible, VCC’s IT Team is helping to significantly reduce energy consumption at the Broadway and Downtown campuses.

Over the course of six years, since IT began managing computer and monitor power settings, VCC has avoided unnecessary energy consumption and costs totalling:

  • 2,111,165 kWh of electricity (or the annual usage of 133 homes)
  • 1,502,281 kg of CO2 (or what 5 km2 of forests sequester in a year)
  • $126,660 (or the cost of 230 brand new PCs)

Prism recently showcased the IT Team’s accomplishments in a Case Study. The IT team continues to work with facilities and VCC’s energy manager, Prism Engineering’s Majid Pishavei, to take savings even further.