Led by our intrepid Casey Gaetz, who recently celebrated 25 years since joining Prism when it was a wee startup, Prism’s electrical team is full of characters. The team helps clients with everything from hospital lighting upgrades to designing solar photovoltaic systems. Over the years they’ve worked together to help keep us humble as a company and strive for innovation.

To keep up with the growing diversity of projects and technologies, Casey is always on the lookout for talented people to bring new energy and insight to the team. “The industry is constantly evolving,” says Casey. “And it’s always exciting to have new people join our team who are as passionate as we are about saving energy and making a difference.”

We are pleased to introduce our newest electrical team members who shared with us what they enjoy about their work and what keeps them going outside of the office.

As a CAD specialist, Kaan Ertan has been immersed in a mix of projects, including improving designs for coffee shops, bank branches and government. Kaan completed his Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Commerce at the University of British Columbia. His talent extends beyond design to music. Fluent in Turkish and Spanish, he loves to play flamenco guitar, graduated from the Royal Academy of Music, and won 2nd place in the Salsa World Tournament.

Kaan says he was drawn to working at Prism because of our purpose extends beyond, “the business aspect,” and that this is reflected in the work environment and the projects. “I like the idea of being able to learn different things every day and apply them in a variety of projects,” he says.

Jacky Wang is also a new addition to the electrical team having recently graduated with distinction from BCIT’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Diploma program. Since joining he has been immersed all facets of lighting projects including site audits, database management, design, and reporting for clients. Reflecting on what he’s most excited about, Jacky says people are what he values most and that, “The electrical team in my pod, as hectic as timelines get, makes the space entertaining and light-hearted.”

Sustainability is also something Jacky takes to heart, from wearing down his basketballs before finally replacing them, to taking steps to avoid food waste. He adds, “The part I’m electrified about is making an impact. ‘Saving you energy’ is great to carry forward to the future generations.”

Top photo: Andrew, Adam and Faisal of Prism’s electrical team reviewing new luminaire models.