Vancouver, BC

Prism was contracted as the Commissioning Authority to oversee the commissioning process for an office space tenant improvement renovation at Library Square. Prism acted as an independent reviewer working on behalf of BGIS to ensure the efficient transition from construction into occupancy.

This project required a high level of handover commissioning oversight and Prism was brought in during the final stages of the construction period.

The scope of services involved:

  • Development of new equipment start-up checklists and verification of correct operation.
  • Independent review of the project close-out materials for comprehensive tracking of all owner manuals and records.
  • Functional performance testing at a system level of the new equipment and modes of operation.
  • Interviewing user groups post-occupancy and development of ongoing Issues Logs for deficiencies tracking and resolution.
  • Overall Commissioning Report preparation and presentation to BGIS.

Prism’s role as the Commissioning Authority helps building systems perform according to the owner’s operational needs and brings a peace of mind to occupants and building operators.