Building Owners and Managers Association BC (BOMA BC)



Prism developed the BOMA e-Energy Training program in partnership with Building Owners and Managers Association BC (BOMA BC) to help building operators, building engineers and facility managers save energy. The program enables learners to develop skills and knowledge to identify energy reduction opportunities, formulate strategies and influence stakeholders to adopt energy savings behaviours.
With recently refreshed content, a customized module selection and the ability to access the course from a tablet or smartphone, BOMA e-Energy is now easier to use and more cost effective.
The modules are delivered in a self-learning format, allowing participants to advance at their own pace anywhere there’s an Internet connection.
New in 2020 is the ability for the program to be purchased in 11 separate modules. From Energy Basics to Building Controls or to Selling the Project, learners can select topics that are a priority for their facility or personal learning plan and enroll in one module at a time.
Each module includes interactive exercises and quizzes to help participants understand key concepts.
All 11 courses can also be purchased for a single bundle price.
“I’ve been a building engineer for a long while, but I still learned a lot from the course – like new ways to communicate with tenants about saving energy, tips on properly insulating boilers and steam valves, and new options in lighting. The course gave me a better understanding of the big picture when it comes to energy management. It also had some great case studies and calculators to show the results of, for example, raising or lowering building temperature by half a degree.”

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