City of Coquitlam


Coquitlam, BC

Prism facilitated the process towards setting the City’s future corporate GHG reduction targets. The process included researching existing regional and provincial emission reduction targets (top-down approach) and identifying specific emission reduction projects suitable for the City’s operations (bottom-up approach). Potential projects were categorized as Buildings, Fleet, Infrastructure, or Solid Waste and Prism worked with the City to calculate each projects’ emission reduction potential. The areas of focus included clean energy, optimizing new construction, reducing consumption and enabling change. Together these refer to as CORE.

To assess the feasibility of implementing projects and the potential for emission reductions, Prism facilitated meetings with managers from building operations and fleet to review the project list. The deliverable was the “CORE GHG Planning Tool”. Built by Prism, this is a customizable savings analysis modeling tool that utilizes the City’s corporate buildings and fleet inventory for calculating the GHG emissions reductions for identified projects to set short- and long-term emissions targets. Based on this analysis, the City has set their next GHG reduction target to be 40% below a 2007 baseline by 2025 and has a good understanding of the path ahead towards 2050.