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Prism conducted an energy audit for multiple facilities that make up Nanaimo’s Beban Park Recreation Complex. The identified energy conservation measures would result in annual monetary savings of over $130,000, in addition to reducing Beban Park’s annual GHG emissions by 37%.

As the largest of Nanaimo’s four multi-facility recreational campuses, Beban Park Recreational Complex was identified by the City of Nanaimo as a large energy consumer. The property includes two ice rinks, multiple swimming pools, an auditorium, a stage, and two kitchen/concession areas. The City of Nanaimo saw an opportunity to reduce this energy consumption by capturing waste heat from chillers in the ice rink and utilizing it to warm the pools. Seeking reliable data on how to achieve these savings, the City turned to Prism to conduct an energy analysis of the facilities within the BPRC.

With the valuable assistance provided by representatives from the City of Nanaimo, Prism visited the multiple facilities that make up Beban Park Recreation Complex in August and September of 2011. Prism completed an audit of the Park’s buildings, pools and arenas to determine equipment load and energy usage. Based on site observations, system schedules, hardware settings and the building operator’s experience, we then determined the hours of operation for the equipment in the audit. With this data, we calculated the energy consumption of the equipment along with models for the building’s energy use for heating and cooling by reviewing the impact of weather data. This enabled us to identify effective conservation measures that have led to lasting energy and GHG emissions savings.


  • Cost savings of $130,000/year
  • GHG emissions by 37%