Coffee Company


Western Canada

Prism works with a major international coffee brand providing mechanical, plumbing and electrical consulting services for their stores throughout Western Canada. The well-known company has implemented rigorous green building standards in all new construction and existing store renovations. Since 2005, Prism has played a crucial role with the company as one of the few engineering consultants in Canada who are providing them with services from design through to construction.
“We started with a strong but basic design for the client that has now evolved to include more custom work. This keeps the work interesting but also means that time management is crucial. We are the leading engineering team because we are able to manage our time and meet expectations while continuing to evolve with the construction team and contractors to coordinate and implement new designs.”
– Maia Penco, Senior Mechanical Designer, LEED AP ID+C


Our team began working on renovation projects with the coffee retailer in 2011. Since then, working closely with Gustavson Wylie Architects, we have provided recommendations and implemented numerous designs related to energy efficient lighting, HVAC, water reduction, and sanitary waste management. We provide the retailer with a streamlined design and construction process from pre-lease reviews to post construction services. To date, we have carried out renovation projects at over 250 coffee retail locations across Western Canada.

New Construction

Our client uses green building concepts as a standard practice in new construction projects, using LEED certification as a guide. Prism has worked as part of an integrated design partnership with the international coffee brand’s design and construction managers. Through that partnership, Prism’s Mechanical and Electrical teams have implemented LED lighting designs, and installed low flow water fixtures grease interceptors. To date, we have carried out new construction projects at over 50 coffee retail locations across Western Canada.

Building Strong Client Relationships

Our relationship with this client continues to evolve, bringing new opportunities and challenges for our Mechanical and Electrical teams. We design up to four stores per week and are able to do so because we have created a customized design template that has evolved with the client.