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Vancouver, BC

As one of the largest integrated office complexes in Canada, spanning over 1.5 million square feet, Bentall Centre is a hub for business and professional services in Downtown Vancouver. As part of their ongoing commitment to sustainability and reducing the company’s environmental footprint, Bentall Centre enlisted the help of Prism Engineering to provide strategic sustainability planning support for the tenant based Green Team program. Since 2014, Prism’s sustainability engagement services have helped support an active Green Team and develop a series of campaigns and materials designed to effectively engage tenants on sustainability issues.

Solutions Based Sustainability Planning

Every year Prism works with the Bentall Centre tenant services to develop an annual Sustainability Action Plan, which features a suite of annual sustainability-focused initiatives and set targets for the year.

The Green Team

Bentall Centre’s Green Team, coordinated by Tenant Services, is a network of tenants from the four Bentall Centre towers. The group meets ten times per year to develop plans and carry out initiatives to encourage tenants to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices in the workplace. Prism’s work with the team has included:

  • Planning meeting facilitation
  • Development of a Green Team brochure
  • Working alongside members to develop team guidelines

Sustainability Campaigns

With Prism’s support, the Green Team has coordinated a series of successful sustainability engagement campaigns. Initiatives at Bentall Centre are aligned with a calendar of sustainability themes representing areas where the greatest impact can occur in terms of behavior change. The following campaigns were designed to address issues around eliminating waste, reducing energy use, and using alternative transportation:

  • A Space Heater reduction campaign that includes a toolkit for Green Team members to have conversations about space heater use.
  • A refresh of the “Friday Night Blinds Challenge” to encourage tenants to close the blinds to reduce heat gain over the weekend.
  • “Leave Your Car at Home” campaign to promote four alternative transportation options through education, recognition, and celebration.

The Green Team at Bentall Centre has a leg up on achieving their goal of creating a culture of stewardship and action at Bentall Centre. The Centre’s waste diversion rate increased from 82% to 92%.