School District No. 36, Sunshine Coast


Madeira Park and Gibsons, BC

Solar PV Design & Implementation – Langdale School, BC

Prism was engaged to design a solar photovoltaic (PV) system for Langdale School on the Sunshine Coast. Prior to detailed design, an initial study was conducted, and several options were proposed along with a financial business case for the project.
A detailed design was then conducted and tender documents for the new solar PV system was prepared. Prism provided field review services and commissioning oversight during the construction process. Construction was completed and the system came online in 2017.
The installed system consists of 214 panels, with a design output of 58 kW, generating an expected 73 MWh/year.

Solar PV and Emergency Backup Power Design & Implementation – Pender Harbour School, BC

Given its location, Pender Harbour School encounters numerous prolonged power outages. The School District approached Prism to provide an innovative solution beyond simply installing a generator.
Prism designed a solar powered and emergency backup power system that would take care of vital loads at the school, including washroom and egress lighting, water pumps, and IT equipment. Prism prepared a system comparison assessment report for three backup power supply options to supplement the solar PV panels, lithium-ion batteries, lead acid batteries, and diesel generator.
The project included 324 panels, with a design output of 81 kW, generating an expected 112 MWh/year that will be used to reduce the schools electrical use on utility power system as well as feed back into the grid when the school electrical energy use was lower than the energy generated by the PV system.