Surrey Taxation Data Centre


Surrey, BC

The Surrey Taxation Data Centre is a 237,000-sqft facility occupied by the federal government. A central heating plant serves the entire facility. Prism helped Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) maximize the boiler efficiency of condensing boilers.

The upgrade included dual return hot water boilers to optimize the condensing potential of the low temperature returns from the building loads. Heating loads were piped in series with the return water from a high temperature load, supplying the low temperature building loads. This increases the temperature drop over the system from the original design of 20F up to 40F. The lower temperature return piped to the low temperature return port has contact with the flue gases at the end of the combustion chamber, yielding the greatest possible condensing opportunity. This has enabled the boilers to be operated in condensing mode over most of the heating season.


  • The capital upgrade has improved the reliability of the hot water boiler heating and control systems.
  • The energy and maintenance cost reductions resulted in approximately $28,000 of savings per year.
  • The project maximized the reductions in GHG emissions for the boiler plant by reducing carbon by an estimated 65.5 tCO2e/year and saved 1338 GJ per year.