Vancouver City Savings Credit Union



LEED Certification provides recognition for energy efficiency and environmental design and management. Vancity has long run its business with an eye on the triple bottom line, balancing financial, environmental, and social returns.


Prism has a longstanding relationship with Vancity, working with the BC-based Credit Union on energy management projects for over 30 years. In 2012, Vancity invested in creating the “branch of the future,” a LEED (Leadership in Energy an Environmental Design) certifiable design concept by American architects and designers, which focused on creating high efficiency building systems.

Prism specializes in upgrading existing buildings to meet LEED certification requirements and was commissioned by Vancity to look over designs, adapt the concepts, and turn them into reality. Design elements included:

  • High efficiency fluorescent lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Display lighting
  • Fully automated lighting control systems with manual overrides


Prism began by conducting a design and product review based on a list of design concepts provided by the space designers. The purpose was to investigate which lighting products would satisfy project requirements while providing Vancity with the most efficient lighting system possible. As part of the design and product review, Prism also ran lighting simulations that provided a visual of the projected results and helped determine luminaire placement.


The result was a lighting system that provided a balance of effectiveness, efficiency, and cost. Based on the lighting simulations and Prism’s familiarity with Vancity’s lighting needs, we provided consulting services that delivered both the lighting design and controls for the system.

The lighting design featured high efficiency lighting products that met Vancity’s quality, cost, and lighting levels requirements. It reflected the design concepts of the original “branch of the future,” while ensuring that all requirements were met for LEED certification.

Prism also implemented automated lighting controls, including occupancy sensors and daylight sensors to dim lights during daytime. All lighting is now controlled from a central system, ensuring that lights are turned off after hours.

Through innovative design choices and strategies, Prism is helping Vancity design a revolutionary and efficient new branch of the future, while gaining the recognition of LEED status.

Prism continues to work with Vancity on LEED certification projects. Branches in Burnaby (Kingsway and Marlborough) and Port Coquitlam (2850 Shaughnessy Street) have been designed or renovated to LEED Gold standards (approval pending) and will be submitted through LEED CI (Commercial Interiors).