Vancouver Coastal Health


Richmond, BC

The existing HVAC equipment and systems supporting various locations within the hospital were well past their expected useful life and could not meet all the requirements for HVAC systems in health care, particularly with respect to equipment redundancy and efficiency.

The intent was to improve the system design to meet the current CSA Z317.2 requirements, particularly regarding air change rates, air filtration levels, and room temperature control and equipment redundancy.  Implementation methods, planning and schedule were to have the least possible negative impact on the continued operation of clinical service and adhere to infection control requirements.

The final scope of work included:

  1. Providing dedicated cooling units for medical imaging spaces,
  2. Replacing controls for the Westminster Tower,
  3. Installing a new 16,000 cfm air handling unit serving the cafeteria and kitchen,
  4. Installing new demand control ventilation system on kitchen exhaust hoods, and
  5. Replacing the kitchen exhaust fan.


In addition to addressing the initial project intent, the facility was further enhanced through additional capital equipment renewal and reduction of carbon emissions with heat pumps and advanced controls strategies.