Deeper Thinking: Changing our mindset with building energy audits to look for deeper carbon reduction strategies

This paper defines deep carbon retrofits for commercial buildings, describes practical challenges and strategies for implementing deep carbon retrofits, and shares successful case studies with reductions in the 50-90% range.

Going Beyond the Energy Audit to Achieve Deep Carbon Reductions

In collaboration with the Association of Energy Engineers, Prism shared notes on the differences between energy audits and deep carbon reduction studies, practical challenges of deep carbon retrofits and a case study for the City of Vancouver Kitsilano Community Centre.

Adaptation Towards Low Carbon Resiliency in Buildings

This webinar was hosted by Prism Engineering to:

  • Discuss why adaptation is important
  • Define low carbon resiliency
  • Advise where to start
  • Find a framework that suits you
  • Share case studies of past projects
  • Provide ideas on how we can help

Latest Technology and Trends in Energy Management for Commercial Buildings in Canada

Presented at the BOMA China 2018 Conference, this session details the latest technology and trends in energy management for commercial buildings in Canada.

Minimizing Waste Using your Building Control System

Shared at the Greener Facilities Conference & Expo, this presentation outlines the benefits of optimizing your building control system and common strategies and terminology.

Analytics for a Better Building

Part of a BOMA BC seminar, this session discusses how to use analytics on data available from our building control system (Direct Digital Controls or DDC) to drive action.


Mining for Energy Efficiency – Unlocking the Power of Data

As part of the BUILDEX Express Summit Series on High Performance Buildings, this session shares how to use analytics on data available from our building control system
(Direct Digital Controls or DDC) to drive action.

ASHRAE 90.1 – Understanding Code Compliance and Energy Efficiency

As part of the CIPHEX West 2016 Conference, this session focused on understanding code compliance and energy efficiency with respect to ASHRAE 90.1 – 2010. It included an introduction to the Standard, administration and enforcement, core components, overview (Section 4), heating ventilation and air conditioning (Section 6), service water heating (Section 7), and energy cost budget method (Section 11).

Getting the Most out of DDC

Presented as part of the BC Hydro Commercial Energy Manager Forum, the contents of this presentation includes strategies and tips on how to get the best out of your DDC systems including schedules, setpoints, sequences and O&M practices.

Monitoring, Targeting & Reporting in Buildings

Monitoring and targeting (M&T) energy use is a critical component of an effective energy management program. M&T techniques provide energy managers and users with feedback on operating
practices, results of energy management projects and guidance on the level of energy use that is expected in a certain period.