Old building, new tricks? Retrocommissioning is a process of finding new ways to enhance a building’s operations while reducing energy consumption and maintaining the quality of the indoor environment. As a part of BC Hydro’s Continuous Optimization Program (COp), Prism led a retrocommissioning project at 815 West Hastings, a 10,029sq. metre office building in Downtown Vancouver. The project included an in-depth investigation of the building systems, centred on mechanical equipment, lighting, and related controls. Using functional performance testing and analysis of system data, Prism recommended thirteen measures that focused on low cost improvements with short paybacks.

Five retrofits were implemented and monitored over 8 months and resulted in an estimated 17% reduction in energy consumption. Over one year, this will add up to an estimated savings of $160,195 — just one example of how Prism combines innovative and practical measures for lasting impacts.