As our team continues to grow to meet client needs, we are excited to announce that Richard Senez has joined the Prism team this past spring as our newest Energy Management Professional.

Richard brings with him a passion for sustainability along with over a decade of experience in energy management, HVAC systems, building services and project management in both Canada and the UK.

Richard has enabled teams to successfully deliver the highest standard in commercial building maintenance, performance audits, energy projects, and the deployment of innovative analytical platforms.  He has also led Energy Management Systems implementation to the IS0 50001 standard, corporate sustainability initiatives, and comprehensive building optimization programs.

It was his work as an electrician early in his career that gave Richard first-hand experience on HVAC systems and controls in commercial buildings.

I became very aware of the opportunities to reduce energy waste and saw the impact I could have operationally. This work sparked my interest in the energy efficiency sector and eventually led me to complete the Energy Management Professional course through the Energy Institute and ultimately to the master’s program in Energy, Environmental Technology and Economics at City, University of London.”

To start, Richard will be working with the Energy team to support the Continuous Optimization Program, a joint offer from BC Hydro and FortisBC which supports organizations in saving energy and improving operations in large commercial buildings without having to undertake a major capital investment.  The primary focus of the program is to improve the efficiency of the most energy-intensive systems, such as HVAC, with simple, low-cost solutions.

The sustainability ethos has always been a part of my nature. We are a flexitarian family, we don’t own a car, and we just try to live and raise our children in a sustainable way. Prism’s alignment with sustainability is what really drew me to the organization.” 

“Richard brings to Prism a unique combination of hands-on experience and training in building performance and energy management. I am confident our clients will benefit from his expertise as well as his enthusiasm for energy efficiency and optimization,” shares Iram Green, our Energy Team Lead.

When not working, Richard enjoys golfing, skiing and biking with his young kids and his wife. He has also been re-learning the piano and sharpening his cooking skills since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.