Since our founding in 1990, Prism Engineering has considered utility analysis as one of the key fundamental cornerstones of having a successful energy management program. It began for us with our first 40-building benchmarking study of downtown Vancouver office buildings for the Energy Management Task Force.  It continued as we developed databases to track and analyze energy consumption and carbon emissions at Vancity Savings facilities.

In 2005, school districts, post-secondary institutions, governments and commercial buildings started to adopt Prism for their utility tracking needs. In 2010, when it went online and became known as PUMA (Prism Utility Monitoring & Analysis), clients could access their data on a regular basis in addition to their monthly exception reports and energy summaries. Over the next decade, features were continually added including a full integration with Energy Star Portfolio Manager, integration of sub-metering information to reconcile with billing meters, and real-time demand profiles that could be used for demand response programs.

We are excited to announce that effective August 1, 2019, PUMA becomes its own entity. This entity is stand alone and supported by the ownership by Prism Engineering. The new company will be called PUMA Utility Monitoring Inc. and the website will be continue to be

We strive to provide actionable energy reporting to Energy Managers, Energy Specialists, and facility professionals across North America. Moving forward, we are fully committed to providing new insightful energy analytics, an improved user experience, and continuing the high level of service and responsiveness you have become accustomed to.  

We are also excited to announce the hiring of Rob Kraft, who will be the President of PUMA Utility Monitoring Inc., bringing nearly 3 decades of software development, product management, and leadership experience to our team. Rob’s focus initially will be on listening to customers and learning how PUMA can become even more useful in the years to come. Duncan Wilcock, who has led the PUMA team through tremendous growth and development over the past 7 years is excited about this next step, and will be taking on the role of Client Service Lead to focus on PUMA client support.

Alongside Rob and Duncan, Elina Poversky, Lexy Gaetz-Howitt, and Celina Luther will continue to provide excellent customer service and insights for PUMA accounts in their new roles at PUMA Utility Monitoring Inc.  Prism staff who have been key to advancing PUMA over the years, including Ken Holdren, Ainaz Bozorgzadeh and Majid Pishvaei, will continue to provide support to PUMA projects as needed. 

Thank you to all of our clients and collaborators over the years. We are excited about this new journey for PUMA!