We are excited to welcome Joshua Caplan as Prism’s Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Coach this spring.

SEM is a holistic approach to energy management that enables businesses to achieve long-term and persistent savings.  Instead of managing energy saving projects one by one, SEM provides the tools to manage energy in a coordinated and strategic way across an organization — helping businesses increase profitability, create a competitive advantage, and gain greater resiliency. 

This is achieved by using low-cost behavioural, operational and maintenance related opportunities.

Josh will be working with Prism’s team of SEM coaches and energy management professionals to support industrial and commercial clients with their strategic energy management programs. 

As a Certified Energy Manager, Joshua has valuable hands-on experience with energy efficiency for buildings, low carbon fleets, GHG accounting and reporting, project management, as well as financial analysis.  He has worked in the field of environmental sustainability and energy for over 15 years, both as a consultant and within organizations and has trained and coached over 100 organizations to help develop their GHG inventories and mitigation plans.

Most recently, Joshua managed ICBC’s environmental sustainability team and was responsible for defining and carrying out their environmental sustainability strategy including resource efficiency, GHG targets and cultural goals. And as ICBC’s BC Hydro sponsored Energy Manager, Joshua developed and implemented the organization’s strategic energy management plan.

His interest in sustainability started at a young age.

“As a child growing up Montreal, I spent my summers canoe-tripping in Ontario and Quebec. It solidified my appreciation for the natural environment, our place within it, and our responsibility to protect the earth.”

What drew Josh to Prism was the organizational culture and the people he was already familiar with.

“Everybody I spoke to at Prism shares a commitment to sustainability and passion for addressing climate change. I look forward to supporting other organizations to become more energy efficient and less carbon intensive.

“Joshua’s experience and expertise will help our clients evaluate and develop energy management practices to advance their sustainability goals. As an effective and engaging facilitator and coach, Josh leverages both his technical and communication skills to empower and motivate the people he works with to take action to reduce energy and carbon. I am excited for the work we’ll do together in the strategic energy management space,” our President, Robert Greenwald, shares.

Outside of work, Josh enjoys skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is also a huge fan of all music, cooking, and playing board games.