As building owners and managers, you may want to increase the reliability and life expectancy of your heating equipment while keeping your emissions, energy, and maintenance costs down. To keep your heating plant performing at optimal efficiency and reduce the risk of equipment failure, infrastructure upgrades are needed periodically.

Our experienced engineering team is familiar with the intricacies of replacing heating systems and components in existing facilities.
It is often recommended to perform a heating plant analysis to determine your actual heating demand prior to the design and engineering phase of right-sizing your heating plant.
To help you build a business case which maximizes your financial savings, we conduct feasibility studies and options analysis including Net Present Value (NPV), Return on Investment (ROI), and carbon emissions as well as other sustainable related impacts.

For mechanical and associated electrical design and engineering, we consider and evaluate the following key design elements:

  • multiple heating plant configurations for staging and redundancy,
  • overall system design to ensure condensing efficiencies are reached,
  • piping material and routing options,
  • equipment arrangements and pump configurations,
  • constructability and maintainability,
  • phasing
  • and energy implications.

In light of climate change, our resilient designs consider renewable and low-carbon energy options including air-source and water-source heat pumps, heat recovery chillers, solar thermal, and biomass. Our focus isn’t just on current needs but on future climate trends and anticipated heating loads.
Once design is approved, we will provide mechanical and electrical design and specification for the purchase and installation of heating equipment and associated components. We are also available for construction administration and contractor coordination.

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