“Being in this industry, you get to know how much building systems, especially mechanical systems, consume in electricity and fossil fuels. If we can design a system that uses less energy, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be doing so. I’d like to keep this earth for the future!”

-- Hamid Samani


Hamid’s 25 years in the industry have encompassed a broad range of projects; he brings a wealth of accumulated experience and expertise to all projects and is adept at negotiating the complexities and operational parameters of working within commercial, educational, institutional, and residential developments. His experience includes sustainable design, energy compliance analyzing and energy modeling, project management, HVAC system design, plumbing and fire protection systems design, specification writing, and construction reviews. 

Hamid is an active member of ASHRAE and CHES. He was recently awarded the Fellow Engineer of Canada title.

Outside of work, Hamid enjoys gatherings with friends and family—his wife Maryam, daughter Sara and son Parsa. He also enjoys carpentry and home projects, having recently finished putting in an irrigation system in his backyard.

It’s clear his curiosity is still fueling his work and he emphasizes that as an engineer you must be continually developing your knowledge, “From new technologies to new codes and standards, we need to understand how to use them in our designs.”

Education and Registration

  • Professional Engineer
  • LEED Accredited Professional
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Iran University of Science and Technology