If you walk into the Prism office on any given day, you’ll see the energy efficient technologies we’ve installed, and you’ll also get to see the people behind the projects. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to work with dedicated people who we’re proud to have both as clients and staff. With our then Senior Mechanical Engineer, Duane Mattson, approaching his retirement after 17 years with Prism, we started thinking about sharing some of the things that make Prism’s culture unique.

Early this year, Prism staff, Duane, Faisal, Christine, Alison and Joany, generously sat down to reflect on what it’s like to work at Prism and what motivates us as a company to make a difference.

So what defines that culture? 

“It’s hard to describe,”” says Prism President Robert Greenwald, “but I think there are five things that stand out.” Here’s what he shared:   

  1. When we ask people what they like most about Prism, the top answer is always the people. Being part of Prism provides us with connections and a work community. We will continue to nurture this sense of family, both within teams and between teams.  
  2. Also high up there is the feeling people have about making an impact by doing meaningful work. We can see the results of what we do not only in terms of saving energy but also in terms of modernizing buildings and supporting organizational change. We will continue to find interesting and challenging work to give our staff the opportunity to grow with us.
  3. It may be easier to show that you care as a smaller company but we will continue to listen, to be attentive and thoughtful about the needs of our staff. Through open communication and accessible leadership we will strive to improve and address any concerns that arise.
  4. Our culture also includes a drive for performance. We often have deadlines and workload pressures. We will continue to balance the need for deliverables and your work life balance. We are not in it for a sprint, but rather for the long term. 
  5. We have developed an entrepreneurial spirit to get here. We have developed new products like PUMA, programs around voltage optimization, services in Sustainability, and now Strategic Energy Management. We will continue to pursue these opportunities and give our staff opportunities for growth and innovation through collaboration and teamwork.  

“Our culture is created by every person that works at Prism,” says Greenwald, “we are excited by our team.”

We’re always on the lookout for talented people who share our core values. Find our latest postings here.

A few photos from behind the scenes in December: